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How would it feel to wake up to a list of hot prospects who actually WANTED you to contact them...

Imagine it... never having to worry about where your next pay check was coming from, because you’ve got a list of clients who truly value your skills...

And a rock-solid business that could support you with just a few days’ work each month.

This isn’t some magical solution promising overnight riches and a new Ferrari in your driveway by the end of the week, but let me be very clear...

There Are THOUSANDS Of Businesses Desperate For Your Services If You Just Know How To Find Them...

But The Advice Everyone Gets Is DEAD WRONG

Yes, YOUR services.

Never sold services to business before? Doesn’t matter. The fact you’re reading this letter means you could make getting $100/hour or $5000 fixed-fees a reality.

All you need are two things:


An in-demand service to offer.


A list of white-hot, highly-targeted leads.

Now I can guess what you’re thinking here...

“Gee thanks Einstein, a popular service and a bunch of people to sell it to. That’s a real revelation!”

So let’s get specific:


There’s One Key Service Businesses Are Crying Out For... And You Can Deliver It Even Without A PhD And 15 Years’ Marketing Experience

We’re talking video.

These days, smart businesses fall into 2 camps.

They either

And the good news is, most come under B.

They don’t know that actually, video creation is pretty easy. They don’t know tools like Video Maker FX and Viddyoze even exist.

And businesses don’t just love these videos, they PAY huge amounts for them.

How would you like to earn $100/hr? Because that’s what video creation specialists can charge.

And when you get on to the thousand-dollar fixed fees, things get REALLY interesting...

Big results.

Because by offering businesses video, you’re offering a service that outperforms all the rest in terms of profits, scalability, and sheer demand.

You don’t even have to make the videos yourself. You can outsource the work and pocket the difference.

But Before You Rush Off To Google To Find Some Hot Leads, Be Warned… That’s The WORST Thing You Can Do

Ask any guru where to find leads, they’ll say the same thing:
“Go to Google, there’s loads of them!”
Yeah, there are.

And that’s the problem.

Google’s got so many possible leads, it takes forever to sort the wheat from the chaff.

Because even with a hot service like video, you can’t just call up every business out there and expect to strike gold.

You need to analyse. Do they already have a video? What definition is it? What other services could they need?

And do you REALLY want to spend hour after soul-crushing hour checking endless pages of Google results?

Of course not.

It’s no wonder most people give up – or decide to give the now smiling guru an extra $1997 to show them the “real secret”.

And when you get on to the thousand-dollar fixed fees, things get REALLY interesting...


It’s easy. You can start today. And it won’t cost $1997.

You CAN build a successful consultancy business from scratch. You CAN have leads that WANT to do business with you by the end of the day… without spending the next 7 hours staring at your browser.

Some people will read this, go to Google, check every listing themselves, and painstakingly note down every detail.

The smart ones will use Prospectrr.

Prospectrr is lead finding automation. Your one-stop shop for high quality leads.

With Prospectrr, you don’t need to do any digging.


Just enter your keyword and location, hit the button, wait a few seconds...


And Prospectrr summons up a list of fresh leads with every critical piece of information you need to make the sale, easily laid out for you in a simple table. Prospectrr even makes first contact and begins the email outreach process for you...


No trawling through Google. No wasted time. No bad leads.

Enter Keyword & Location

Smart businesses specialise. You can find leads in any niche or area just by entering your search terms.

Click “Begin”

Prospectrr will hunt through the top pages of Google search faster than a rocket-powered bloodhound.

Choose Leads Based On Key Data

Instead of you having to investigate yourself, Prospectrr delivers all the key data in a simple table, letting you see the best prospects instantly.

It’ll even pull out their contact info, giving you a prime list of e-mails – your first clients are all here.

Choose Leads Based On Key Data

Prospectrr lets you contact your leads from inside the system. No need to import to an autoresponder and jump through their hoops. Hit a button and you’re done.

Find hot prospects with no research:
Prospectrr does all the heavy lifting in finding new leads, and it does it in minutes, not hours, so you’ll never need to trawl through Google and fill out a spreadsheet again. You click one button, and Prospectrr does everything for you.
Enjoy more time on the important things in life:
owning a business that lets you set your own hours, gives you far more say over what you do and when you do it… and the minute you fire up Prospectrr, you’ll be able to enjoy the next crisp November morning with a smile on your face and a spring in your step because your time will finally be your own.
Create the financial security you deserve:
How much do you want to charge for your time? $50/hr, $100/hr, more…? With the kind of cash rich, video hungry clients you could find with Prospectrr, you’re in control of what you earn.
Make sales easier than ever before:
Because Prospectrr lets you filter out the hottest prospects for your business, making sales is going to be easier than getting kids to eat candy on hallowe’en.
Become a successful business owner:
Imagine being able to tell your friends, you’ve just closed your first, second, third big client. (Let me tell you, closing deals never gets old).
Grow your business faster than ever:
With Prospectrr as your secret weapon you’ll always have a ready supply of prospects… and that means one of the biggest hurdles to your business growth has just been taken away.
No cold calling or hard selling:
Prospectrr doesn’t just find your leads, it warms them up for you, that means by the time you come to speak with them one-on-one, they’ll already be happy to hear from you.
Make sure every lead is one you can follow:
Thanks to Prospectrr’s clever geo-locking and local search options, you’ll never waste a lead. Simply confine your targeting to a single country or even a single city - and you can be certain each lead you pursue is worth your time.
Smash through the learning curve:
There’s nothing for you to set up, or learn. There are no confusing menus, or 5-hour training marathons… just enter your keyword, pick a location, hit the button. And get some leads. That’s it.
Become an instant authority in the eyes of your clients:
Create an amazing first impression by suggesting improvements and weaknesses in your clients business they might not even be aware of.

And when you get on to the thousand-dollar fixed fees, things get REALLY interesting...

For every fresh batch of leads Prospectrr brings you, the software will download and analyze each webpage checking for key elements like the type of video currently used, whether video is SD, HD, broken or missing entirely.

But it doesn’t end there. Prospectrr also brings you key Social Media and SEO data...

Giving you EVEN MORE services to offer, and more ways to cash in on the same lead.

Plus, Check Out These
Powerful Prospectrr Features

Video Profiler

The Prospectrr video profiler is where everything starts. Prospectrr uses multiple advanced search algorithms to find and anaylze business webpages for a wealth of data and then neatly organizes it for you to use. See at a glance whether your target business has video, needs video, needs an upgraded video, needs a video “fix” and much more...

SEO and Social Data

It’s not all video. Prospectrr runs multiple tasks at one on our servers to keep things fast and efficient. This allows Propsectrr to return you an abundance of critical data on Social Media and SEO that lets you upsell clients with ease.

Automated Email Outreach:

Once you’ve chosen who you want your next client to be Prospectrr can begin your outreach campaign via email. Enter the campaign editor, choose your template, add your details, and send the email directly from Prospectrr. It’s fast, it’s secure, and it’s professional. Includes:

Opt out included in all email footers to keep your business CANSPAM compliant.
Download contacts and data to CSV for simple backups, or add them to your favourite autoresponder manually.
WYSIWYG Email HTML editor make editing emails quick and easy.
SMPT and API integration lets you take full control of your email outreach by syncing up your favourite email and autoresponder clients.

And even more

Setup Wizard

Simple video guides on each section

Export Data & Leads

Simple Data Manager

Multiple Search Algorithms

Direct Linking


Advanced Youtube API Integration

Is $100/hr Too Much To Charge For A Single Video? That’s $4000/Week!

Prospectrr isn’t just software, it’s the heart of a successful business.

In fact, it’s the type of business you can run without having to do any of the actual work yourself...

You can even outsource everything to Fiverr, mark up the fees and pocket the difference. Get your clients and outsourcers in place, and it’s one of the easiest ways to turn a BIG profit.

And remember, that’s just for video.

It doesn’t take into account any extra SEO or Social Media services Prospectrr helps you upsell.

It’s Easy Money.
And It Can Work For Anyone.

If you’re new to offline consulting:

Prospectrr will serve up the easiest prospects to get you started. You don’t want to worry about tough clients you’re just starting out. You just want to open doors and make money until you’re established and ready to tackle larger clients. So open up Prospectrr, run your search, and start working with clients today.

If you’ve got some experience:

you’ll still be making sales hand-over-fist… but Prospectrr’s data retrieval and client outreach will allow you to grow your portfolio in record time to the point where expansion is your next logical step.

What Would A Single High Ticket Client Mean To You?

Every smart business owner knows to survive, grow and then thrive, they need a constant flow of good quality clients.

That’s why people pay other people handsomely to dig out the kinds of leads that Prospectrr delivers to you in the click of a button.

It’s why fake gurus can charge you $1997 to tell you where to get these leads, and they don’t even help you automate it!

But forget about how much time and money Prospectrr can save you when it comes to getting leads. Let’s talk about how much Prospectrr can MAKE you.

You’ve seen proof that these services easily sell from at least $100/hr, you’ve seen how easy it is to outsource ALL the work.

How big you go, how much profit you make… it’s entirely in your hands.

Prospectrr Doesn’t Just Find You A Single Client... It Finds You Hundreds Of Them, On Demand, In Minutes.

That’s why we’ve had no trouble selling Prospectrr during private webinars for $297. I think you’ll agree, $297 is a small price to pay for an on demand supply of red hot leads.


Take action before this timer hits zero and you can get huge discount.

This is the first and only time that we’re making Prospectrr publicly available at such a massively reduced price.

You Can Run Your Business From Anywhere...

BUT You Need To be Quick!

When all you need to succeed is leads, and you know exactly where to get them, you can run your business from a sunny rum-shack in the Caribbean if you want to...

With the right leads, your only care in the world could be whether to extend your stay an extra week or two, or head back in time to stock up on Christmas presents for the family.

There’s not long left.

But right now you’ve still got time to get access...

Just click the buy button below and claim a huge discount that will never be repeated.

Prospectrr will never be seen again at such a low price. It probably never even be sold again to an outside audience.

And sure, you could wait for the next private webinar and pay $297, and it’d still be a great deal, but why would you when you can get full access to Prospectrr today for:

only $67
Prospectrr Buy Now
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And You’re 100% Covered By An Iron-Clad Guarantee

Don’t be fooled by how simple Prospectrr is to use.

If you want to sell videos to businesses, it’s one of the most powerful lead prospecting tools you’ll ever get to use. Try it out 100% risk free for the next 30 days and if you don’t agree, then send us a single email you’ll be refunded in full. No question asked.

You even get to keep all the leads Prospectrr find you, and we hope you enjoy all the profits they bring you.

Are You Ready To Reclaim Your Time, Find The Hottest Leads, And Close Them Without Any Hard Selling?

Imagine waking up knowing the few minutes you spend using Prospectrr today will be the “hardest” part of your day...

The rest of the day will be spent doing whatever you want to do, happy, safe and secure in the knowledge you’re the owner of a profitable business that suits your lifestyle, and pays the bills, with as much (or as little) work as you choose to do.

Perhaps you’ll check your outreach campaign, make a couple of calls, then go tell your best friend you’ve just closed another 2 clients, it’s 11am, and does he fancy hitting the links with you for the rest of the day… your treat.

Sounds good, right?

And of course, you’re covered by a 30-day risk-free period.

All you need to do now is hit the button below and you’ll be in business before you know it.

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