Your Future Clients Will Run A Mile At The First Whiff Of This...

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Thanks for sticking with us so far through this funnel. Good news. It’s almost over.

But first... a word of WARNING:

Your future prospects are going to be looking for any reason NOT to give you their money.

And I’ll tell you why...

“FREELANCER” Has BAD Associations.

You know you’re a pro.

But whenever prospects get even the smallest HINT of you being a ‘freelancer’ one of two things usually happen. And they both SUCK.


They imagine you locked away in a basement somewhere…still in your PJs, knocking back bourbon for breakfast... all while working on their super-important business venture. So they run a mile in the opposite direction.

Or… (and this is potentially WORSE):

They do come on-board.

But they’re so freaked out about you being a “FREELANCER”, they try to micro-manage the whole process...

You go insane...

And you know who gets all the blame when their ‘great ideas’ don’t work out? Yup. You guessed it. That’s on YOU too, pal.

Mainly though, it’s a simple case of watching on in amazement as another hot prospect performs a sudden U-Turn to sign with an AGENCY offering the exact same service at twice the price.

And The Worst Thing Is...
NONE On This Is Your Fault.

Human nature’s just plain screwy...

When most people are approached they expect the worst. They look for any tiny reason NOT to sign on the dotted line.

Humans are hard-wired to say NO, even when opportunities are clearly in their best interest.

It’s not even that an agency will do better work.

It’s about the feeling of security they get. They search the web, they find a flashy agency website, and they’re like ‘yeah… these guys clearly know what they’re doing’.

Style over substance.

But don’t worry, because this opens up a huge opportunity for you...

You Can Raise Your Prices & Still Give Your Prospects EXACTLY What They Want!

The thing about prospects is they all have the same idea about what a “real” business should look like...

...and seeing as the first rule of marketing is “give the people what they want” it’s only fair to oblige.

That means making 100% certain your web-presence looks EXACTLY like they expect it to look.

You NEED To Show Off Your Services Like An Agency, Not A Bourbon-Swiggin’ Freelancer.

That doesn’t mean being an agency...

It means making sure when they search for you online... which they will... they see everything they NEED to see to make them feel SAFE doing business with you.

When they look for your website they’ll be hoping for an agency.

So Give The People What They Want!

Show them your portfolio. Let them browse your content, and find your contact details. Let them read through some testimonials, see what services you offer...

... give them the confidence they need to work with you.

Let them make the ONLY decision that matters:

“Maybe You’re Not An Agency. But You’re As Good As One”

Most freelancers get stuck in a fatal race to the bottom and end up fighting for scraps… forced to take any gig that gets offered no matter how low the price or how bad the client.

Because what most freelancers fail to realize is this:

An agency-style website allows you to put your best foot forward. Show your services in the strongest possible light. And compete on an entirely new level.

When your website’s up, try raising your prices. The chances are you’re going to be pleasantly surprised.

And the benefits of having a website for your business don’t end there:


An online base of operations:

Your website will be your Biz HQ. It’ll have your contact details, your T&Cs and Privacy Policy. It’s not sexy, but it is expected... (and legally required by corporations like Paypal).


A place to grow your business:

As your client list grows, so will your portfolio and your testimonials. Use your website to showcase your best work, and display the testimonials of your happiest clients, then watch your business boom.


A place to call home:

Maybe you’re at a conference. Maybe you’re at the supermarket. Maybe you’re on holiday… as a freelancer extraordinaire new clients will pop-up everywhere. So having all your services and contact details in one easily-found location is the ultimate business card.


But Building One Is HELL.

There are ready-made themes out there.

But your standard premium theme isn’t designed for what you need. Often the only thing “premium” about them is their price tag...

And if you’re serious about your website, then forget free themes.

Free themes ALWAYS mean compromise. And unless you’re an FBI negotiator, compromise is rarely a good idea.

But getting a custom theme made, that’s specifically attuned to your business - well that’s a pricey business.

That’s why we created this:

Prospectrr Agency Pro

Prospectrr Agency Pro is a Wordpress theme uniquely designed for Prospectrr.

Demonstrate a clean, professional, trustworthy image for your business and give your future clients confidence they’re dealing with an established, legitimate business.

Get your entire agency-style website uploaded and ready for business before the end of today.
Shake off the “freelancer tag” and don the mantle of instant agency-style authority (...then sit back and watch as your prospects convince themselves you’re the real deal).
Showcase your design portfolio like a professional and raise your prices accordingly (... and don’t worry about scaring people away, people expect to pay more to work with the best).
Boost your authority overnight with an established web presence… give prospects a place to return to… give your clients a place to send referrals... and see your business grow (... get this right, and who knows, in time, you might have an full-blown agency of your own!)

Get An Agency-Style Website In Minutes

It’s so simple a 7-year old could be set up in minutes. If you have one, get them to do it! If you don’t, we’ve included a quick start tutorial with the theme.



Simply upload the theme just like any other Wordpress theme



Add your logo and branding in a few clicks



Add your content, a few contact details, and create your T&Cs



Congratulations. You now have an agency style website ready to help transform suspicious prospects into happy clients, and raving fans!

Prospectrr Agency Pro Is Packed With The Features Your Prospects Love

Home Page
Contact Page
Portfolio Page
Terms & Conditions & Privacy
Use On Unlimited Sites
Easy Branding
Wordpress Compatible
Colour Styles
Custom Text
Responsive Layout
Detailed Tutorials
Customizable Header


Prospectrr Agency Pro Saves You Both

Getting your agency theme up and running is as simple as uploading a Wordpress theme and adding your details.

The professional shine… that established feeling... and the authority in the eyes of your prospects... that comes built in.

First Impressions Are Everything.
Create Yours Today.

With Prospectrr Agency Pro you can have a web presence to be proud of. Your future clients have someone they can trust in. And your business will have a place to call home.

And you won’t have to pay thousands of dollars to get a site designed and coded. You won’t even pay hundreds of dollars. Or even $100.

Because as a special thank you for sticking with us and investing in Prospectrr today...

And because we’re only ever going to make this offer once...

We’re practically giving Prospectrr Agency Pro away for a small one-off investment of $97.

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... But You Must Act Fast!

This theme is unique to Prospectrr users, and it’s only available during this launch, which for you means... TODAY.

If you miss it now, you miss it for good.

Click below now and run your business like an Agency Pro.

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